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Care and support for people who are aging

While aging is often associated with many rewarding experiences, according to the Australian Psychological Society (APS) it is also a time when significant changes might occur. Research by the APS showed that while aging Australians may have found that they have adapted well to the changes that come with aging their well-being may be reduced when those changes affect day-to-day tasks.

Northern Rivers Care Connections' services are aimed at supporting people to stay in their own home as they age. We want to encourage you to maintain a positive attitude toward aging and enjoy a good quality of life. We do this by giving support when you face challenges. 

The type of support you need may vary and its good to know that Northern Rivers Care Connections are adaptable, as your needs change services can be added or removed. Assistance services are tailored to suit individual needs. This can range from a helping hand with the house cleaning once a fortnight to a full suite of services including daily personal care, meals on wheels, garden maintenance, and social support. You might only require a one-off service like the construction of a ramp or installation of grab rails. Find out more about about Care and support at home.

The National Health Survey (ABS 2011-12) illustrated a snap shot of the Health of Older Australians. Respondents were asked to self-assess their own health status, circling one of the five choices ‘excellent, very good, good, fair, poor’. Results showed that 75% of 65-74 year olds self-assessed their health as ‘good’ or better. Getting out and socialising plays an important part in maintaining good health for all age groups. The National Health Survey looked deeper into the lives of respondents. The data revealed that people who took part in social activity were more likely to report ‘excellent’ health (13%) than those who did not (3%).

Northern Rivers Care Connections offer a range of social programs which provide the opportunity for you to make and maintain social networks. Find out more about social programs at Care and Support in the Community.

Positive aging is you taking control and managing some of the physical, psychological, social and personal challenges that arise as you age. Asking for assistance before being overwhelmed will help you maintain a positive attitude toward aging. Contact Northern Rivers Care Connections to discuss your needs, or the needs of someone close to you, today.