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Methods of payment

Northern Rivers Care Connections accepts cash, cheque, or bank transfer payments. We are unable to process credit card or EFTPOS payments. Pay your invoice by one of the following options:

1. Pay your support worker cash or cheque

​2. Post a cheque to:
    PO Box 166, Kyogle, 2474

3. Pay in person at:
    68 Summerland Way, Kyogle

​4. Bank internet transfer:
    Please contact the office for our banking details


Eligibility for subsidised services

The funding we receive from the NSW and Australian Government is to subsidise service fees, and does not cover the full costs of all the services we offer.  Therefore, a small fee is charged for most programs. The fees vary depending on the type and level of service you are receiving.  These fees can be flexible depending on your income and ability to pay.

Where possible we try to link you with funding to support your care through a variety of state and federally funded programs. See below for a brief outline of current funding options.  For people that do not qualify for funded support, we offer services on a fee-paying basis with no contract and all the flexibility you need. We have included an indicative fee schedule below.

To discuss your circumstances please contact our office to chat with our Client Services staff.

Funding options for accessing services

Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) assists frail older people with functional limitations as a result of moderate, severe and profound disability or impairment, and their carers. Older people are defined as people aged 65 years and over and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 years and over. However, eligibility is not based solely on age.

To be eligible for CHSP subsidised services an older person must:

  • live in the community; and
  • have difficulty performing activities of daily living without help due to functional limitations; and
  • be at risk of admission to long term residential care without assistance from Commonwealth HACC services.

The NSW Community Care Support Services Program assists younger people with a permanent functional disability and their carers. Younger people is defined as under the age of 65 years (under 50 years for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people).

The target group for the Program is people in NSW who:

  • have a moderate, severe or profound functional and permanent disability; and
  • require basic maintenance and support services; and
  • are at risk of premature or inappropriate admission to long term residential care.


Home Care Packages Program has been developed to assist older Australians to remain in their homes, particularly targeting frail older people. However, there are no minimum age requirements for eligibility purposes. In some cases, younger people with disabilities, dementia or special care needs may be able to access a Home Care Package.
the Home Care Package Program is designed:

  • to assist people to remain living at home; and
  • to enable consumers to have choice and flexibility in the way that the consumer’s aged care and support is provided at home.

From July 2015, all Home Care Packages will be delivered using a Consumer-Directed Care (CDC) approach, which means that you  have greater control over the types of services you access and the delivery of those services, including who will deliver the services and when.

There are four levels of Home Care Packages, from Level 1 basic care needs to Level 4 high care needs

To access a Home Care Package, and  Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment is required to determine if and at what level you are eligible for a Home Care Package.  If you are approved for a Home Care Package, you are then referred to a service provider that manages Home Care Package.  The Home Care Package manager will help you develop a Support Plan, where you identify what services you want and who you want to deliver them.

Northern Rivers Care Connections is not a manager of Home Care Packages, however we are able to deliver many of the care and support service you may require, and you may request the manger of the Home Care Package to contract Care Connections to deliver your services.

Transitional Aged Care Program is a Commonwealth Government program for older people who have been in hospital, but need more help to recover and time to make a decision about the best place for them to live in the longer term. The TACP provides short-term restorative care, such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy, as well as social work, nursing support and/or personal care,  to optimise the functioning and independence of older people after a hospital stay. You can only access transition care directly from hospital prior to discharge.  Assessment from the Aged Care Assessment Team is required.

ComPacks Program is a NSW Health program developed to facilitate safe and early discharge of eligible patients from hospital by providing access to a short-term package of care designed to help them gain independence and prevent re-admission to hospital.
A person is eligible for a ComPacks service when they require immediate access to case management and community support which cannot be accessed through their usual channels (such as Health and Community Care; Department of Veterans Affairs).  ComPacks aims to optimise patient access to the community services they need for a safe and supported return home.  The package runs for only up to 6 weeks, and needs to be organised by through the hospital prior to discharge.  Click Here for further information on how ComPacks works.

Please note that if you are discharged from a hospital in QLD you will not be eligible for ComPacks – a NSW hospital admission is required to qualify for ComPacks services

At the time of your assessment you will be given information about the fees which apply to our services.
If you feel you are unable to pay the fee, we can negotiate a more affordable fee, based on information about your income and financial position.  Any additional information about your income and financial position will be treated with strict confidentiality. If you are experiencing financial hardship and feel you cannot afford the service, please advise the Coordinator.