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What can we do to support you?

Northern Rivers Care Connections aims to address client needs using a person centred approach. Person centred means that we support clients in a way that enables them to live an ordinary and meaningful life in their community which is similar to people of the same age, gender, and culture. You are at the centre of making decisions which affect your life, we provide the support to assist you when you find challenges.

We are flexible and innovative when it comes to seeking support solutions that suit you.

Our experienced and motivated Client Support staff are skilled listeners with links to many community support organisations. When you first meet with one of our Client Support Officers they will ask:
    What services do you want?
    When do you want these services?
    How often do you require services?
    For how long do you require support services?
    Is this affordable for you / how can you pay for services?

As your needs change so the support we provide to you can change. 


Don lives alone and is having surgery. Upon release from hospital Don has been told he must rest for six weeks. Don knows he will be in some pain for the first two weeks and will not want to move around much at all, but after that he will be able to perform light household chores.

The solution for Don is a multi-layered approach to support which tapers off as he his health improves.

For the first two weeks after leaving hospital Don will receive domestic assistance twice per week including time to do washing, hang it out and bring it in, as well as meals on wheels and lawn maintenance. By the third week Don has been told he will be well enough to do some chores but will not be able to drive. From week three Don’s services will decrease to one domestic assistance service, social support where he will be driven to the shops and assisted with grocery shopping, plus lawn maintenance.

By the end of the six week recovery period Don is able to drive and do the washing. He wants to take care of himself by not aggravating his wound so maintains a fortnightly domestic service to help with chores he struggles with like cleaning the bathroom and mopping floors.